Stainless Steel Wood? Huh?
Friday, November 20, 2009 at 1:52PM

Well we thought we've seen it all. While there have been some very un-usual and unique parts coming through the doors at Chilco. This one is up there! Can you guess what it is?

 It is a buch of 304 s/s rod welded together to form a "stainless steel" wood pile! This will be placed in an outdoor gas fireplace Click "HERE" or on the pictures to see the full photo gallery of before and after shots. The "pile" was brought in with lots of weld scale and heat tint etc. We processed by pickling/passivation to loosen and remove heavy scale. Then electropolished to brighten  and polish all the intricate surfaces. Can you imagine having to polish by hand? Ouch!                                               

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