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    FAQ > There's no such thing as a dumb Question! > Why is there rust on my stainless steel?

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    Stainless steel does not "rust" or oxidize the same as the standard mild steel we are familiar with. If you can see rust on your stainless it is most commonly due to surface contamination with iron, iron oxide etc. This can be a result of contact with tooling, non-stainless fasteners, the tools used during assembly, or any form of contact with anything containing iron and/or iron compounds. Electropolishing, pickling and passivating completely removes this "iron contamination" down to the molecular level. Don't be fooled! just because you cannot see rust yet on your un-treated parts does not mean they are iron-free. You can be assured, any un-treated piece of stainless will eventually show signs of rusting...its just a matter of time.

    Last updated on October 7, 2009 by Chilco