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    Electropolishing is...scientifically... the anodic ion dissolution of metal in an electrolyte solution.

    By explaining the mechanism by which electropolishing works will help answer the question

    The part being polished is connected to the positive side of a power source and submerged in a specifically controlled electrolyte solution. Electrically conductive plates lining the wall of the electrolyte tank are connected to the negative side of the power source. The power is switched on and electrolysis takes place. At this point, surface metal on the part begins to dissolve VERY VERY slowly. The key to the electropolishing process is what happens MICROSCOPICALLY. At this level, we'll actually...the electron-microscopic level the surface of metal looks like a bunch of peaks and valleys. With the electropolishing process started the surface of the metal is begins to slowly erode away. Interestingly, the peaks are dissolved at a higher rate than the valleys. This in turn evens out and smoothes the metal surface, at the micron level. Visually the part looks like it has been polished.

    Electropolishing is the only known technology that effects the surface of metal in this way!

    Benefits of electropolishing:

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