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    FAQ > There's no such thing as a dumb Question! > Can I prepare my stainless steel myself before Chilco buff's it to a mirrior?

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    The process by which a #8 or "mirror polish" is created is by a series of progressive steps. Depending on the condition of the part, various increasing grit abrasives in succession are used. These can start as low as 36 grit up to 300 grit before switching up to the buffing wheel. Stainless steel is very hard compared to other non-ferrous metals (ever try cutting a piece of stainless with a hacksaw!)

    Typically, parts we are instructed to take directly to the buffing wheel that have been "customer prepared" show sanding and grain lines after polishing. This is a result of not using the correct "successive increasing-grit" procedure.

    To the surprise of many customers, we have shown that correctly preparing the surface using the right equipment and techniques could have saved 90% of the time wasted.

    Last updated on September 23, 2009 by Chilco